Business Resilience in the Time of COVID-19

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) has had devastating effects on millions of people worldwide. The personal and economic impact of the coronavirus is enormous. Beyond the virus itself, thousands of people have lost their jobs, businesses have been forced to close, and organizations and individuals alike face an uncertain future.


    We have created a series of resources to help you better prepare and guide your team through COVID-19 uncertainty. The collection includes blog posts, infographics, and webinars (click either link below to jump directly to that section).


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    As humans, we must do what we can to support and ease the suffering of those around us. As business leaders, we have a responsibility to our companies and our employees as well: Respond to this crisis in a way that manages uncertainty while building and maintaining business resilience. As a society, we have a long road to "recovery" ahead of us, one that will pass in stages. We currently find ourselves approaching the "Great Wait" stage, marked by shifting policies and innovation. 

    The Great Wait - updated

    Throughout our history, Toffler Associates has been dedicated to helping organizations build resiliency from within through exercises like Alternate Futures® scenario planning, flash futures, and wargaming. To facilitate dynamic crisis leadership throughout the pandemic, we've created a series of resources designed to help businesses and organizations navigate the uncertainty caused by COVID-19. Our goal is to help you lead your team through this unprecedented crisis and prepare for the new normal waiting for us on the other side. Explore the assets below, including a webinar, blog series, and more, to gain valuable insight on how things are changing now and how we can expect them to continue evolving into the future.

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    Business Resilience & Futures Planning: What Now & What Next


    Get our latest takes on the novel coronavirus pandemic and how you can better prepare your business to face what's ahead. Get started with the resources below.


    Letter from CEO 

    Toffler Associates CEO discusses some of the changes we can expect to see as a result of COVID-19. From personal moments to effects on international industries like health care, our lives will never be the same. 

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    Take a deep dive with Toffler Associates and understand the short- and long-term effects of COVID-19. Remote work, social distancing, and risk evaluation will likely play a much bigger role in our society than ever before. 

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    Watch the Toffler Associates on-demand webinar on the coronavirus  for a discussion on how organizations can respond to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) today and position themselves to thrive tomorrow.

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    Further Learning on Business Resiliency & Futures Planning

    From today's news to a future beyond coronavirus, these resources can help you develop a business continuity plan, improve resiliency, and overcome challenges presented by COVID-19.


    [Interview] Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal with Skeet Spillane

    During our recent panel webinar, Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal, Skeet Spillance of Pillar Technology Partners, LLC reflected on how security has become an integral part of every job function...Read More


    [Blog] The Great Wait: Considerations for Navigating the Long Period of Uncertainty During COVID-19

    The Great Wait will test our collective patience.  As we wait for science to advance, we will experience and create new ways of living, working, and playing that are unusual and necessary....Read More

    Innovation and Recovery graphic

    [Blog] Attack COVID-19 Uncertainty with Innovation

    If necessity is the mother of invention, then we will likely see a motherlode of innovation over the next couple of years. The necessity is trying to restore economic activity in a constrained public health environment....Read More


    [Blog] Understanding the Phases of the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Recovery will not follow a V, U, or W curve. There seems to be a prevailing view that once strict stay-home orders are relaxed, then we’ll be in the “new normal”....Read More


    [Blog] How Social Distancing Could Change the Education System

    This week we’ll continue to explore the potential lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic by looking at how an area familiar to everyone may change: K-12 education...Read More


    [Blog] A Letter from Our CEO

    Most of the U.S. is currently about a month in to this new social distancing normal. We understand you're in crisis response mode, which can distract from organizational progress and focus....Read More


    [Info Sheet] Mobilize Your Workforce Through COVID-19

    Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Toffler Associates has been in close discussion with our clients and broader government
    network. In our efforts to remain connected, we have heard so many leaders share challenges....Get More Details


    [Blog] Dynamic Crisis Leadership & Business Resilience During COVID-19

    We are thankful for the years of experience we have guiding government and commercial clients through resiliency and disaster planning preparation. We call it Alternate Futures® Scenario Planning....Read More


    [Blog] The Upside of Crisis Lies in the "What If"

    We are in fundamentally changing times. Over the last few weeks, like most people, I have been oscillating between personal stress and anxiety about my family’s preparedness and health, to overwhelming surprise....Read More


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    COVID-19 Webinars


    Managing Uncertainty: How to Use Futures & Foresight in a COVID-19 World

    When it comes to uncertainty, you can either be paralyzed by it or take ownership of it. The decision is yours....Read More


    Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal

    The sudden and rapid transition to virtual work forced many businesses and organizations to grapple with an unfamiliar new normal and all the security concerns that come with a remote workforce....Read More


    COVID-19: Preparing for Uncertainty & Maintaining Resilience

    Watch the Toffler Associates on-demand webinar on the coronavirus (COVID-19) for a discussion on how organizations can respond to the spread of the COVID-19 today and position themselves to thrive tomorrow....Read More

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