Future States Dinners

The pace at which the world operates continues to increase demand for the time and attention of today’s executives. This often comes at the cost of long term strategic thinking, innovation, and relationship development, keeping executives focused on internal or industry related challenges. What would happen if you assembled a small but eclectic group of cross industry senior thought leaders over dinner to contemplate the future?

Toffler Associates has been doing just that for as long as the firm has been in existence.

Known as Future States Dinners, each gathering yields a dynamic, probing, and provocative conversation. Guests enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in which they ponder the strategic issues faced around the globe by organizations, governments, and societies confronted with a rapidly-changing world.

Below are some examples from our latest discussions.

Creating a Substainable Culutre of Innovation Leading Through DisruptionRevolutionary WealthBoardroom or C-Suite?Future of InnovationFuture of Security

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