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RAPPORT // Anticipatory Democracy is Shaping the Future of the World

Posted by Deb Westphal

Aug 29, 2019 8:38:00 AM

Anticipatory Democracy: The public’s active, conscious engagement in collectively shaping the future of their community, state or nation.[1] 

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Infographic: Work Life 2040

Posted by Denise Sughrue

Aug 22, 2019 1:30:00 PM

Based on current data, we know our lives will be different in 2040. To prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the near future, we must address the skills, technologies, and structures we will need to thrive in a changed professional climate. We view the future through the lenses of Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Education & Learning, Digital Living, Life Expectancy, and Income Inequality. The infographic below explains the potential implications to our future professional lives. What are you doing to prepare?

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From Toddler to Team Leader – Educating the 2040 Workforce

Posted by Bob Wagner

Aug 8, 2019 4:01:22 PM

In May, Toffler Associates hosted an event called Pinot and Ponder, which brought together 75 people to imagine what professional life and the nature of the workforce will be in 2040. The broad consensus was that by that point, machines will have taken over a significant number of the tasks currently performed by humans because. Last week, a colleague and I had the distinct pleasure of presenting the results of this discussion before the joint meeting of the Federal Foresight Community of Interest, the Public Sector Foresight Network, and the Association for Professional Futurists. The theme of this session centered on the disparate rates of progress between human and machine learning, and how education and government can most effectively create parity over the coming decades.

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Welcome to the Face of Leadership in 2040

Posted by Maria Bothwell

Aug 1, 2019 10:24:08 AM

Nobody knows the future with certainty. We can, however, identify ongoing patterns of change.

- Alvin Toffler

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RAPPORT // Visionary Leaders Balance ESG Responsibility and Financial Value

Posted by Deb Westphal

Jul 25, 2019 8:30:00 AM

“One thing, however, is certain: the world needs your leadership. As divisions continue to deepen, companies must demonstrate their commitment to the countries, regions, and communities where they operate, particularly on issues central to the world’s future prosperity.”

– Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock


If you haven’t been paying attention, you may have missed the important shift happening across the global investment community. The drumbeat for corporate executives to actively engage environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has gotten louder and no longer can be ignored. Socially conscious investors are raising the volume on their call to action for companies to integrate robust ESG strategies with existing company operations. The expectation is that it is possible for corporations to increase financial value while being accountable for helping to solve issues facing humanity.

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How Resilient Organizations Embrace the Power of One

Posted by Caitlin Durkovich

Jul 18, 2019 8:47:00 AM

Future Shock is the individual’s and organization’s struggle to adapt to and manage the massive and rapid pace of change impacting every society and sector. When they coined the term, the Tofflers described it as a phenomenon and “dizzying disorientation brought on by the premature arrival of the future.”[1] With the constant shifts in everything from technology innovation to politics to heuristics and faith systems, we experience a sense of being untethered from a reliable source of truth. In large measure, this disconcerting feeling of eroding trust has happened because of the constant free flow of information on our connected platforms. It’s ironic that we have confidence in the knowledge that we can’t have confidence in much of what we hear, see, and read.

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RAPPORT // The World Cup Victory is Evidence of the Power of Human Energy

Posted by Deb Westphal

Jul 10, 2019 10:33:48 AM

“Out of this massive restructuring of power relationships, like the shifting and grinding of tectonic plates in advance of an earthquake, will come one of the rarest events in human history, a revolution in the very nature of power.”

~ Alvin Toffler, Powershift, 1990


Millions of people around the world watched the U.S. Women National Team (USWNT) dominate the Netherlands to win a fourth World Cup championship - the most ever won by a women’s team. It was the second consecutive World Cup win for USWNT, which shared the honor with only one other team - Germany. Jill Ellis, the team’s coach, became the first women’s coach in soccer history to ever win two back-to-back World Cup titles. Even more impressive, that’s a feat that has been achieved only one other time - Italy’s men’s coach, Vittorio Pozzo coached to consecutive wins in 1934 and 1938.

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Celebrating Choice and Free Will in a Time of Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Masseh Tahiry

Jul 3, 2019 9:00:28 AM

As we gear up for the July 4th holiday, celebrating 243 years of American independence and exceptionalism, it’s important for us to take a moment to reflect on and appreciate the blessing of choice that we Americans enjoy daily. We are free to choose what to wear, where and what to eat, whom to follow, and what to say.

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Human 2.0 Could be Life at its Highest Potential

Posted by Kanch Algama

Jun 27, 2019 9:32:18 AM

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi


What if we lived in a world where we are able to create and mold our current realities and physical matter to what we want? What if we could eliminate physical limitations and mental illness? These are not far-fetched questions. We’re already making tremendous strides with technology to rethink our capabilities with our body and mind.

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Is the Abortion Debate About Changing Notions of Humanity?

Posted by Jasmine Niernberger

Jun 12, 2019 10:21:43 AM

Last month I had several heated conversations with my significant other over the abortion law signed May 15 in Alabama, which – if passed – would permit abortions only if the mother's life is at risk or if the fetus cannot survive, and not in cases of rape or incest. My ire against the decision stems from the fact that it has been made primarily by men, a group that does not represent those whom the law primarily impacts. My partner is fervent about the fundamental notion of humanity and the protection of the unborn child.

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