Toffler Associates is focused on your future, which starts now. With each client, we apply a disciplined Future Proof® business consulting service that we’ve developed during almost 20 years of helping our clients create new futures for their organizations by understanding, planning, and adapting. We apply orthogonal thinking – bringing ideas in from a variety of spheres – to create individual, actionable solutions to move your organization forward, and we leave your management team with a plan they can sustain and grow.


We believe that action comes from understanding, so we ask questions – lots of questions – and we listen to the answers. Sometimes, we challenge the answers. We want to know who you are, who your customers, stakeholders and partners are and what makes your business excellent, so that by working together, you can move to the next level. We use tactics not unlike anthropologists in the field. We want to discover how your culture works, how you make decisions, and how you handle successes and failures. We also ask questions outside of your organization. We are interested in adjacent markets and how they might impact you. We examine surrounding industries for signs of disruption and indications of future competitors. By understanding you and what drives change in your environment – both within your organization and outside it – we can help you develop a deep, vivid vision of alternate futures.



In developing a customized plan for you, we rely on our time-tested methods for meeting challenges. Our work is structured, disciplined, and based on our understanding of your unique situation. We often work backwards. We help you envision your future and then develop strategies to achieve your goals. We collaborate with all stakeholders to evaluate possibilities. Above all, we create actionable, measurable plans that your team can implement and maintain after our formal relationship has ended.



Successful organizations are agile, which means their teams adapt as they learn. We help you transform your business so that you can anticipate change, rather than simply reacting to it. We help you capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk, and thrive in the future. As we help you adapt, we strive to help you understand the new landscape you have created.

The “Understand, Plan, Adapt” cycle never really stops. We start the process, help you envision new possibilities, and teach you how to use the process to Future Proof® your organization with consistently positive results.