Forecasting Societal Demands

One of the most significant societal transformations is the changing workforce and aligning your business to meet those needs benefit the future of your workplace. 

On the supply side, employees' expectations are evolving to consider the alignment of their values to their employer's during their job search. They also look for the best engaging work “experience” and employment models within those social contracts. Gig work and new definitions of retirement.

On the demand side, the impending brain drain of Boomer retirement and more transient workers threatens institutional knowledge, the speed of business requires an adaptable and re-tool-able workforce, and the overall institution of “employment” is built around an Industrial Age model. It's time for reform. 

These drivers of change demand that organizations rethink what makes them attractive to the talent they want and proactively redefine their employment model to capitalize on these societal shifts.


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