Vanishing Point

Welcome to Vanishing Point – The New Toffler Associates Blog

Posted by Deb Westphal

Jul 22, 2015 9:07:00 AM

A vanishing point is defined as “the point where your eye should view an image for the correct perspective.” We want our new blog to help you to see the world and your business in new and exciting ways. 

 We will share our insights from a variety of industries to help ignite your creative thought and innovation. We’ll help you identify and overcome the very real challenges you face in creating new value and protecting the value you’ve worked so hard to build. We will challenge you to start by asking the right questions. 

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Third Wave Planning is a Contact Sport

Posted by Deb Westphal

Apr 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Futurist Alvin Toffler defined three waves of change: First Wave – the Agrarian Age, Second Wave – the Industrial Age, and Third Wave – the Knowledge Age. Because the fundamentals vary from age to age, it stands to reason that strategic planning should also be different across the three waves.


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