Vanishing Point

Why Corporate Training is the Future of Higher Education

Posted by Phil Cunningham

Feb 21, 2018 11:45:00 AM

Take this short quiz. When you finish, consider this – if you knew the answers, when was the last time that knowledge increased your output at work or earned you a raise?

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A Look at Education, Culture and Wellness in the Future Workplace

Posted by Dave Baber

Oct 19, 2017 9:30:00 AM

The Future of Work is a buzz phrase. If you want proof, Google search it – you’ll get approximately 468 million hits. It’s also a prevalent topic for consulting and advisory firms (natch), employment agencies, leadership programs, and business magazines. But it’s a misnomer. It’s no longer the “future” of work. It’s the current reality. With the ever-increasing pace of change in corporate, government, educational, and social environments, we reach ‘future state’ often before we can adequately prepare.

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Measurement and Metrics for Success in the Third Wave

Posted by Kanch Algama

Apr 26, 2017 8:30:00 AM

As Alvin Toffler predicted, the rate of change has continually increased in the Third Wave. Well into this era, it is evident that the breadth and pace of change are still creating new possibilities and complexities for almost every sector, industry, and organization. The modern work environment is a perfect model for how the confluence of a few significant shifts can transform paradigms.


In such a dynamic environment, competition becomes especially challenging because standardized comparative benchmarks are less likely to exist. In fact, most modern organizations employ a variety of frameworks, standards, and certifications to pursue a competitive edge. The scenario raises an important question for future-focused organizations.


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Do people still matter in a post-automated world?

Posted by Phil Cunningham

Mar 22, 2017 7:50:00 AM

Telephones came into existence in the late 19th Century. Along with the innovation came the establishment of new businesses, each focused on providing this new communication capability to the marketplace. And along with those emergent organizations came hundreds of thousands of new jobs for switchboard operators who would connect incoming calls to a final destination. The overwhelming rise in market saturation of telephones and resulting call activity outpaced the capacity of human workers to connect the calls well into the 20th Century. Automatic switching equipment emerged as a solution - and ultimately replaced the workforce entirely.

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