Vanishing Point

The Case for Data-Driven Decision Making in a World of Bias

Posted by Phil Cunningham

Oct 4, 2017 9:30:00 AM

If we take the news at face value, Big Data is our great modern panacea. But as we’ve learned in a short amount of time, more data does not always guarantee – or even inform – better decisions. The criticality of context, the ability to make sense of data, and an ability to put relevant insights to use are all vital to making intelligent decisions with lasting positive implications.

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Leading Through Desynchronization

Posted by Dave Baber

Sep 21, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Desynchronization is caused by variances in the pace of change. It creates friction between individuals, organizations, and societies. A leader’s ability to rapidly interpret and act on the pace of change will determine how opportunities and risks impact their business. Successful leaders must understand and appreciate not just the change, but why the pace of change is varying. 

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The Future of Disruptive Technology

Posted by Tyler Sweatt

Sep 13, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Technology will transform how we connect, learn, share and innovate in the future, having broad implications for organizations, workforces, and customers. Whether from great expectations, fears of job security, or uncertainty due to myriad options, technology is challenging leaders to reconsider how they will create and protect value in the future.

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This is the Only Reliable Means of Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Posted by Hans Davies

Sep 7, 2017 8:30:00 AM

More people and vulnerable infrastructure exposed to more frequent and intense hazards equals even greater risk for us in the future. The time to rethink the equation is now.[1]


When organizations consider the approach to protection, they naturally gravitate to questions, such as “what do I need to protect?” and “how can I protect those things?” The question of what to protect is difficult. It takes a degree of perspective, prioritization, and foresight that is difficult for most individuals and 

nearly impossible for groups seeking consensus. Once protection needs are clear, organizations need to address the question of how to protect those priorities. This consideration is even more complicated, especially for those tasked with protecting our critical infrastructure.


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How to Engage AI in Organizational Decision Making

Posted by Gregory Weber

Aug 30, 2017 11:00:00 AM

In his 1954 publication, The Functions of the Executive, retired telephone executive Chester Barnard introduced the action-oriented term “decision making” into the lexicon of the business world.[1] The specificity behind the word “decision” prompted managers and leaders to rethink the discipline of achieving better outcomes as one that engaged approaches ranging from philosophy, mathematics, sociology, psychology, economics, and political science.


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Agile Security for the New Business Normal

Posted by Caitlin Durkovich

Aug 23, 2017 10:03:18 AM

“You’re only as secure as your weakest link.”

Caitlin Durkovich, Infrastructure Security Expert


The pace of change in the security and protection environment is radical. Interconnectivity and globalization have driven progress in enterprise, government, and private sectors. Yet they also have raised the level of the threat environment. Every day, we see proof that incidents are ‘when’ – not ‘if’ events. The sophistication of modern threat actors means that every opportunity for a lawful organization is an opportunity for an illicit one. Broad and constant data sharing brings with it a host of vulnerabilities, whether it’s a breach by an actual threat actor or an unintentional compromise by a team member or trusted partner.

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Security is a Brand Differentiator for Hospitality Companies

Posted by Nina Martire

Aug 17, 2017 10:30:00 AM

As the global risk environment becomes more unpredictable, the hospitality industry faces new customer expectations, more complex operations, and a demand for broadly integrated security measures.


By 2026, the burgeoning information overload we’re experiencing now will be the norm. Even more than it is now, information will have the potential to be weaponized, and believable misinformation will threaten to brand security and reputation. [1] Individuals hyper-empowered by social media and disintermediation are – and will remain – the greatest threat to hospitality brands of every size (from mom and pop to global chain) and type (from traditional to peer-to-peer). The constancy of the global news cycle only fuels the challenge. In particular, any security breach – whether direct or in their operating environment – puts the company’s brand at risk, disrupts their operations, and demands that they transform their oversight and governance.


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Infographic: The End of Traditional Market Segmentation

Posted by Jasmine Niernberger

Aug 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM


Organizations can no longer rest on segmentation in an era of widely accessible individualized data. Access to technology, the vastness of networks, and the convergence of people and ideas has changed the way customers behave.  To truly understands what drives your customers, forget about age, gender, and racial divisions – its about experience.


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The Experience Economy Comes Full Circle

Posted by Jason Fieger

Aug 2, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Conventional wisdom called Millennials a kind of Peter Pan generation that would be unchanging in their unique approach to life. But a funny thing happened. In the past decade, Millennials matured to adulthood. While not necessarily tech-native, they had access to smartphones, e-commerce, and social media during much of their formative years. And thus, they became the largest (and most diverse) American demographic and a phenomenal source of purchasing power and influence (projected $200 billion in 2017). Armed with an infinite font of information, buying channels, and social media, this demographic ushered in an era of disintermediation. Add to it a high barometer for inauthenticity and an insatiable appetite for new experiences, and providers began to rethink their offerings.

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Innovation and Process Improvement – the PBJ of Business Endurance

Posted by Kanch Algama

Jul 26, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Ask most endurance athletes about their food fuel of choice, and you're sure to get a variety of unusual answers with a couple of exceptions - one being the humble peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Even nutritionists and trainers extoll its virtues. It's a nutrient-rich powerhouse of protein, carbs, and fat. For most athletes, it's a tasty and cost effective resource that is simple to prepare, carry, and consume on the racecourse. And the athlete can choose from an almost limitless number of nut and fruit combinations - making it a flexible, creative way of satisfying a need.

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