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Infographic: Work Life 2040

Denise Sughrue
August 22, 2019

Based on current data, we know our lives will be different in 2040. To prepare for the opportunities and challenges of the near future, we must address the skills, technologies, and structures we will need to thrive in a changed professional climate. We view the future through the lenses of Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Education & Learning, Digital Living, Life Expectancy, and Income Inequality. The infographic below explains the potential implications to our future professional lives. What are you doing to prepare?





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Denise Sughrue

Denise Sughrue

Denise is an executive with over 20 years’ experience advising clients. Denise’s clients rely on her for her expertise and counsel on how to implement strategy and drive change that sticks across a diverse organization and workforce. Denise relies on her deep background in Corporate Strategy, Organizational Development, Organizational Change Management and Human Performance. Denise has worked in Government, Life Sciences, Non-Profit, Hospitality, Higher Education, and Aerospace and Defense. Denise has experience managing and guiding clients on projects that span large scale managed services, strategy development, and strategy implementation.

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