Securing the Skies

May 10, 2023
Drones have become increasingly ubiquitous today, revolutionizing various industries and changing how we conduct business and daily life. With this growing prevalence comes the need...

The Art and Science of Wargaming

February 25, 2023
Wargaming is a vital exercise for military and commercial organizations to test concepts and strategies in a low-cost, low-risk environment through simulation.

What Your CISO Wants You to Know

March 22, 2022
CISOs from different industries - energy, finance, entertainment, technology - share concerns related to workforce vulnerabilities and how rethinking security enhances value.

A Compliance Mindset Leaves Your Workforce Woefully Unprepared for Cybersecurity

November 29, 2021
Compliance training alone still leaves your organization vulnerable; behavioral nudges and metrics that matter can enhance security.

Making Sound Corporate Security Decisions Means Empowering Your CISO

November 15, 2021
Empowering your organization's CISO to have a greater role in security as a whole, rather than just cybersecurity, protects the business.

The Future of Resilience

December 2, 2020
At the beginning of this year, major disruption was on the horizon for the utilities industry. As the pandemic hit and fundamentally changed the way...

Soft Targets and Crowded Places: Security & Resilience in a Socially-Distanced World

October 9, 2020
As the world prepares to return to spectator events like sports and concerts, special planning measures must be put in place to keep stakeholders...

Partnerships: The Key to Security and Resilience in an Interconnected World

September 18, 2020
In a time when our nation feels more turbulent and vulnerable than any time in recent memory, leaders should look for partnership opportunities.

Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal with KC Carnes

July 23, 2020
National InfraGard Energy Sector Chief KC Carnes shared his expertise to help business leaders make crucial cybersecurity decisions in the Novel Normal.

Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal with Caitlin Durkovich

July 16, 2020
Toffler Associates Director Caitlin Durkovich shared insight on how companies can adapt their cybersecurity processes for an extended remote work environment.

Security Blindspots in the Novel Normal with Skeet Spillane

June 25, 2020
Security expert Skeet Spillane reflects on how necessary security has become due to the shift to the work from home environment.

Every Day is Game Day: Why Enterprise Resilience Matters

November 8, 2019
The 2019 World Series was extraordinary for Washington Nationals fans, and an incredible show of the need for resilience across baseball and every sector.