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    Tyler Sweatt
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    Tyler Sweatt helps organizations identify the key convergences that are driving risk and opportunities. The threat landscape in today’s environment is complex. Transforming your organization to be both resilient and innovative starts with deeply understanding emerging changes outside your industry. As a director at Toffler Associates, Tyler works with leaders across enterprise size governmental agencies and private companies to help them identify threats and opportunities, and then operationalize that knowledge. As a speaker, Tyler brings high energy, humor, and rapid-fire sharply honed insights that illuminate the road for enterprise size organizations to achieve their goals.

    Book Tyler to speak about the future of global security for public and private organizations, building resilient teams loyal to their organization and to each other, communication across demographics, the millennial effect on the workplace, using competitive and commercial intel to drive decisions, and harnessing innovation.

    Here are additional topics Tyler can bring to your event:

    Blueprint Your Vision

    Identifying the right balance of strategic and tactical plans will determine whether your vision gets executed into positive top and bottom line impact, or just dies a slow death. Tyler Sweatt draws upon his experience working with top corporate, governmental, and military leaders to outline the path to creating operational plans that turn organizational vision into a concrete plan of action.


    Build an Agile Team Loyal to You and to Each Other

    In order for large organizations to be resilient they need to match knowledge of diverse trends within and outside their industry with leaders who build agile teams. In this interactive presentation, Tyler Sweat identifies the profile of agile thinkers and loyal employees, and how organizations can nurture leaders and teams to respond quickly to threats and opportunities.

    Tyler Sweatt’s Expertise:

    • Competitive intelligence support and targeted go-to-market strategies for global private sector organization
    • Works with Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, Department of Defense and Commercial Security Organizations
    • Leadership advisory support for brand and organizational transformations
    • Multiple combat tours in support of Counter Insurgency Operations
    • Top Secret Clearance
    • Previously served as an Industry Fellow at the Asymmetric Studies Institute at John Hopkins University
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