Speaker Profile - Maria Bothwell

    Maria Bothwell, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Toffler Associates, helps public and commercial organizations understand drivers of change and future disruption, define business strategy, and adapt the business to achieve measurable results. Building on the legacy of Futurist Alvin Toffler, Maria challenges biases and assumptions, looks beyond the present frame of reference, and brings creative curiosity. Maria taps into her experience leading a digital marketing agency, data and analytics firm, and management and strategy consultancy. She is an energetic and insightful speaker who brings futures and practical know-how to help leaders understand the future, define business strategy, lead high performing teams, grow new markets, and create measurable results.

    Book Maria as a speaker, panelist, or workshop leader on topics including patterns of change influencing the future, leadership effectiveness, go-to-market strategy, new market expansion, and digital transformation.

    Maria Bothwell's Expertise:


    Future of the Digital Consumer

    Consumers are fickle and often confusing. Although their decisions and behavior can be influenced, or even predicted today, they can change rapidly due to societal disruption. Consumers are people – some of whom work for you and now expect a different work experience.

    In this interactive presentation, Maria Bothwell leads the participants through key patterns of change such as the changing world of technology, environment, society, and psychology.


    Foresight and Futures for Strategic Planning

    Is your planning process 1-5 years oriented? Do your plans effectively address uncertainty in a structured way? Are the drivers of change known and monitored by your organization? Futures and foresight techniques can help organizations better anticipate and prepare for uncertain environments in the strategic planning process.

    2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first publication of Future Shock, Alvin and Heidi Toffler's pioneering bestseller in the futures field. Learn how to continue the Tofflers' legacy through applying futures and foresight to today’s strategic planning and actively shape your future.



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