Speaker Profile - Hans Davies

    Hans Davies helps organizations connect the potential of technology with the potential of people. By helping companies and governments widen their lens to see the significance of events and trends outside of their traditional view, he leads them to the insights they need to adapt their vision and workforce to meet the future. As a director of Toffler Associates, Hans works with large corporations and governmental groups and agencies, both domestic and international, to adopt leadership practices that create a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration to execute on a vision. As an imaginative and creative speaker, Hans connects with his audience using humor, real-world examples, and a lively interactive approach.

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    Hans Davies's Expertise:


    Disruptive Technology

    Technology doesn’t have vision. It’s people who have vision of what technology can do to crush the boundary of what’s possible. Hans outlines the actions organizations can take to connect seemingly disconnected events and trends outside of their industry to architect goals in sync with the future and a workforce ready to innovate and collaborate.


    The Future of Trust and Security

    Changing perspectives of trust – in institutions, in technology, in people – are transforming the security industry. Trust is the single most important element that will determine the success of any security initiative. Working with industries as varied as defense, counterintelligence, aerospace, telecommunications, and sports, Hans walks them through emerging technologies and how changing societal norms will shape the future security landscape.

    Hans helps his clients understand how society will perceive security and trust in the future so they can build structures, capabilities and communication plans to ensure success. By understanding the drivers of change, the industry can prepare for and navigate the future – both risk and opportunity – and support the advancement of safety and security throughout the world.


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