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    Hans Davies helps organizations connect the potential of technology with the potential of people. By helping companies and governments widen their lens to see the significance of events and trends outside of their traditional view, he leads them to the insights they need to adapt their vision and workforce to meet the future. As a director of Toffler Associates, Hans works with large corporations and governmental groups and agencies, both domestic and international, to adopt leadership practices that create a culture of entrepreneurship and collaboration to execute on vision. As a speaker, Hans connects with his audience using humor, real-world examples, and a lively interactive approach.

    Book Hans as a speaker, moderator, or panelist on topics including organizational transformation, global trends, workforce dynamics, and leadership strategy.

    Here are additional topics Hans can bring to your event:

    Why Consumer Expectations and Millennials are Redrawing Leadership

    Stop trying to find your perfect leadership style. Because you need more than one. Consumer expectations of a customized buying experience are working their way into your workforce. Consumers are people – some of whom work for you and now want a more customized work experience. In this interactive presentation, Hans Davies leads the audience through key trends such as the effect of millennials in your workforce, consumer behavior, and other factors that are affecting productivity and changing what it means to be a leader.

    Spotting Trends Outside Your Industry to Define Vision and Grow Entrepreneurship

    Technology doesn’t have vision. It’s people who have vision of what technology can do to crush the boundary of what’s possible. Hans Davies outlines the actions organizations can take to connect seemingly disconnected events and trends outside their industry to architect goals in sync with the future and a workforce ready to innovate and collaborate.

    What Governmental Organizations Need to Know Now to Become a Global Innovation Leader

    By understanding what innovation will look like in the future, states and regions can identify how to make the right investments and decisions today to capitalize on the future. Hans takes his audience through the economic, regulatory, educational, financial, and social macro drivers that can help position your state or region as an innovation leader.



    Hans has helped to lead or participate in more than 150 events for corporate and government clients.

    • Emcee of SpaceSlam at the National Space Symposium, 2014
    • Presented to IAC-ACT on Future Leadership Models
    • Facilitated dinner events include:
      • The Future of Security in Latin America
      • Innovation and Economic Powershifts (Pittsburgh)
      • Future of the Space Industry
      • Gamification of Industry
      • Future Asymmetric Threat
      • Future of Risk


    • Robert Bosch Foundation Fellow, 2002-2003
    • John M. Olin Fellowship, Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2001-2002
    • Phillip Merrill Fellowship, Johns Hopkins SAIS, 2001-2002
    • Meritorious Honor Award, U.S. Department of State, 2000
    • Class of 1960s Scholar, Williams College 1999
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