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    Speaker Profile - Deborah Westphal

    Deborah Westphal is a highly respected and in-demand speaker to diverse groups across private enterprise, government, and philanthropic organizations. Deborah’s career spans more than 30 years, and virtually every continent. In 1999, Alvin Toffler tapped her as one of the founding members of his eponymous consulting firm. A passionate humanist and life-long learner, she has guided government and corporate leaders to challenge biases, ignite ideas, and build resilience for a secure future. Whether she is a keynote speaker, moderator, or panelist, her passionate and thought-provoking style helps groups to see the patterns outside of their industry that signify future risks and opportunities.

    Book Deb Westphal as a speaker, moderator, or panelist about the future of cybersecurity, health care, and space; key economic shifts driving change; and how to create an innovative work culture. 

    Deb Westpal's Expertise:


    Future Economic Shifts Driving Change

    In today’s accelerated pace of change, industry leaders can quickly lose market share to interlopers that are not even on their radar. Deb lays out the framework for enterprise-sized organizations to look over the horizon and create a future-focused organization that is actively looking for disruptions outside the organizations, and creating a workplace that fosters innovative disruptions within.


    Strategic Leadership Advisory

    What’s worse than the wrong decision? No decision. Deb Westphal leads corporate and government leaders through an action plan to identify the “X” factors outside your industry that will present the most risks and opportunities.


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