Speaker Profile - Dan Fukushima

    Dan Fukushima has been helping organizations identify, plan for, and capitalize on growth opportunities for over 30 years. He has been fortunate to have had an insider's perspective of industry disruption while working in the travel, telecommunications, retail, and consumer products industries. That experience has provided him insights into threat recognition, strategic response patterns, and organizational behaviors that either help or hinder adaptation to and thriving in new environments.

    Dan spent the first dozen years of his career working in the airline and financial services industries, where he focused on operational improvements and financial systems. In his 20-year management consulting career, Dan has concentrated on the customer-facing and growth sides of organizations specializing in market and consumer analysis, strategic planning, product/service innovation, and operating model design. He now applies Toffler concepts and futures approaches to long-term strategy development.

    Book Dan as a speaker, moderator, or panelist on topics including the future of the consumer, long-term societal changes, and incorporating foresight into strategy formulation.

    Dan Fukushima's Expertise:


    Macro Societal Drivers of Change

    Following the approaches used by Alvin and Heidi Toffler, Dan highlights several macro drivers of change and, taking a holistic and systems view, identifies potential outcomes across society. Making specific predictions are difficult in our complex interconnected world, but thinking about possible futures can lead to better preparation and even the ability to influence the future.


    Foresight in Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning horizons have been getting shorter as the pace of change, primarily driven by technology, has been getting faster. Frequently, it’s because of the idea that too much is going to change so it’s not worth planning too far in advance. Dan leads organizations in looking beyond the typical time horizon to understand potential futures and the actions they can take today to prepare to success.


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