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    Caitlin Durkovich is an expert in critical infrastructure security and resilience, including cybersecurity, making her a uniquely valuable asset to clients navigating the complex operational challenges posed by our increasingly interconnected and interdependent global economy. Over the course of nearly two decades of developing physical and cyber risk management approaches, she has successfully advanced public-private partnerships that drive thought leadership, influence policy, and evolve industry practices to manage security and operational risks.

    Book Caitlin to speak about emerging issues like complex mass attacks, electric grid security, cybersecurity, GPS resilience, and climate adaptation planning.

    Here are additional topics Caitlin can bring to your event:

    Strategist and Infrastructure Security Expert

    • Strategy in the New Risk Landscape
    • Security as a Differentiator / The ROI on Security
    • Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
    • Complex Threat Environment
    • Enterprise Resilience
    • Cyber Security
    • Resilience-based Decision Making


    I help clients across the public and private sectors understand a complex and dynamic risk landscape and navigate the strategic and operational challenges posed by an increasingly digitized, electrified and interconnected operating environment.

    I aim to ensure they do not suffer from a failure of imagination, they understand their blind spots and foster a culture of healthy paranoia. There should be few surprises and when there are, I ensure organizations are agile, respond quickly and bounce forward.

    Caitlin Durkovich's Expertise:

    • Served as Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection with the Department of Homeland Security, managing the mission to protect the Nation’s critical infrastructure.
    • Co-chaired interagency strategy and policy committees to include Joint United States-Canada Strategy for Electric Grid Security and Resilience; Space Weather Research Operations and Mitigation Strategy; Complimentary Position, Navigation and Timing; and Chemical Facility Safety and Security.
    • Congressional witness on issues ranging from Federal facility security, electric grid and chemical security and to improvised explosive devices and extreme weather/climate adaptation.
    • Lead homeland security and business continuity projects with several government agencies while at Booz Allen Hamilton
    • Pioneered early warning cyber intelligence at iDefense (acquired by Verisign) and cybersecurity best practice at ISAlliance
    • B.A. in public policy studies from the Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy at Duke University
    • InfraGard National Members Alliance Board of Directors

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