Helping Build Risk Resilient Organizations

Today’s dynamic risk environment demands that we ingrain security-conscience and resilient behaviors into our culture and how we work. To thrive in an increasingly unpredictable reality, organizations must understand their blind spots and take proactive steps to manage potential outcomes and realize the corporate strategy and vision.

Resilience considers how quickly an organization can identify, anticipate, respond to, and bounce forward from disruption. An organization’s resilience reflects how will it operates in blue skies and in abnormal and uncertain times – or black skies.

Resilience also recognizes that If organizations are going to thrive in a world where norms are regularly challenged, they need to think about security as more than protecting critical assets and resilience as more than as continuity of operations. The secure organization applies the traditional security tactics and techniques in managing risk to brand and reputation. The resilient organization is as much about seizing the opportunities presented by disruption as minimizing its impacts. It enables resilient decision-making-by the organization and the employee. The outcome is a more resilient organization, one that can identify, anticipate, respond to and bounce-back from risks to the enterprise – financial, regulatory, operational, reputational, and political.  

Ask yourself:

  • Does your risk management focus extend beyond compliance? What activities support this?
  • Have you recently tested plans and challenged assumptions, whether through tabletop exercises or red teaming?
  • Does your senior management and Board understand their role in enabling resilience? And in a crisis?
  • What unconventional risks are you considering and planning for? Have you asked the same of your vendors and suppliers?
  • Have you implemented resilience-based decision making?
  • Are your employees encouraged to ask “what if”?


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