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Toffler Associates’ Caitlin Durkovich Offers Key Insights on Critical Infrastructure Adaptation at Water Leaders Summit 2017 and WIRES University Events

Caitlin Durkovich Water Summit and WIRES event

Caitlin Durkovich, Toffler Associates director and critical infrastructure security expert, contributed her expertise this week to important industry conversations about our nation’s water and electricity infrastructure.

On May 24, Durkovich joined thought leaders at the heart of water security strategy for Water Leaders Summit 2017 – A Secure Future Needs Water in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The summit, The Water Council’s premier annual event, assembled a diverse group of water leaders from around the world and featured critical conversations about water security from cyber, diplomatic, organizational and environmental perspectives. Durkovich provided expert insight on cyber security for critical infrastructure as part of a discussion with Kevin Morley with American Water Works Association and Tom Kuczynski of District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority. Charles Fishman, author of “The Big Thirst,” and Fast Company contributor, moderated the dynamic discussion.

On May 25, Durkovich joined leaders from Congress, regulatory agencies and industry to examine the challenges in upgrading our transmission system at WIRES University – Electric Transmission Infrastructure in Washington, D.C. Joining Durkovich to discuss the electric grid as a strategic asset, were: Rob Gramlich, founder of Grid Strategies LLC; J. Arnold Quinn, director of the Office of Energy Policy and Innovation with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; Dan Prose, transmission and special projects officer at Manitoba Hydro; and Tiler Eaton, international representative of IBEW. Durkovich discussed the importance of recognizing the vulnerabilities of a grid dependent on distributed energy and technology and the need for security by design principles as we modernize the grid.

Durkovich has been developing physical and cyber risk management solutions and advancing public-private partnerships for nearly two decades. Most recently, as the Assistant Secretary of Infrastructure Protection for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, Durkovich led the mission to protect critical infrastructure and redefined public-private risk management for emerging infrastructure issues.

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