Helping Clients Create Their Future

We believe that the future is here – whether we’re ready for it or not. Our clients have no time to waste in addressing the effects of accelerating change. Either you understand what’s coming, plan for it, and adapt appropriately to it, or you will lose your competitive advantage to companies that have better visions and the discipline to realize them.

We use transformation methodologies we have developed through our work with more than 200 clients, including Fortune 500 executives, industry innovators, technology pioneers, consortia & industry associations, and innovative government agencies. We find our experience in these industries provides valuable insights in other industries, leading to sometimes unexpected innovation.

We give our clients the ability to take control of their own destiny. Once in the driver’s seat, they are able to bring about high-value outcomes and impact by increasing business predictability, identifying ways to manage uncertainty, and reducing surprises. We give clients the tools to:

  • Anticipate the future
  • Identify opportunities for transformation
  • Create innovative alternatives
  • Define vision and develop strategies
  • Understand future consequences

"A big thanks and a job well done to Toffler Associates on helping our team take a hard look at our future business plan with a critical eye. The Toffler team opened our aperture, helped to mature our thinking and pushed my team to debate and test our assumptions. Toffler Associates' future focus and methodology has really helped to enhance the development of our business case!"

- Defense & Space Company
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The speed with which machines are creating new risks, challenges and opportunities is accelerating.

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