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Humans and machines are connected, integrated, and generate a constant current of data. Fueled by analytics and insights, innovation and disruption are happening with accelerating speed and complexity. Technology is enabling change, but the fundamental needs, expectations, and desires of individuals of every age are impacted across the globe.

Technology may be powering our progress, but as technology becomes more ubiquitous, people become more vital – this revolution is human.

This report highlights areas of most profound concern and confidence. It reflects the experience and future expectations of more than 400 leaders from across industry and government sectors as well as project work conducted throughout 2018. These insights shape predictions and considerations about the ways technology-driven disruptions are impacting organizations, leadership priorities, risk mitigation, and workforce management.

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  • Characterizations of business resiliency
  • Who possesses the ability to influence decisions in the age of social media and technology
  • The ideal workforce for both government and private industry