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The world is changing more rapidly than ever. These topics are designed to help you identify and overcome the real challenges you face in creating new value, and protecting the value you’ve worked so hard to build. The way we look at things is grounded both in our experiences and our approach to problem solving. We bring ideas from a variety of spheres, and these papers were shaped from provocative conversations with groups of senior thought leaders from different industries and backgrounds.  

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[02/2014] Crossed Signals: Rewiring Your Organization Before Investing in New Technology

Successful companies can no longer expect to align technology to capability offerings; rather, they must flip the model and align their capabilities to rapidly changing technologies.

[08/2013] Future of the Space Industry: Agile and Adaptive Organizations

The idea of managing change is no longer relevant in the environment the space industry is in today and will face in the future – agile and adaptive organizations must focus on change leadership to thrive.

[06/2013] Gamification of Industry

As companies expand their global footprints, workforces become increasingly more technically proficient and employees and customers operate in constant connection with smart devices, the value of leveraging customized, serious games will continue to grow.

[04/2013] Economic Power Shifts:  Latin America and Mexico

Latin America & Mexico present a myriad of opportunities for those public & private sector organizations prepared to capitalize.

[03/2013] Economic Power Shifts: Pittsburgh

As the US and other countries looks for ways and methods to increase its competitive advantage, while also creating a more self-sustaining economy, many authorities look to Pittsburgh as an illustrative example to be replicated on a larger scale.

[10/2012] The Future of the Space Industry

How must the working relationships between “emerging space” and “established space” enterprises (companies and government agencies) change to ensure the successful transformation of the human spaceflight paradigm and creation of viable new space markets?

[09/2012] The Future of Health

The traditional metrics of health remain important today and will in the future, but socio-economic, demographic, lifestyle, and other changes rippling through every aspect of our information-age society are demanding that industry and government leaders also consider a much broader range of factors than have ever been examined under the rubric of “health.”

[09/2012] The Future of National Security

How does the United States mitigate effects and synthesize efforts in competing economic interests, counter-terrorism, and cyber threats to produce a national strategy?

[06/2012] The Future of Risk

Malicious threats have infiltrated the ranks, adding a new form of risk that is changing the way people look at the world and the uncertainty that arises from a hyper-networked society.

[07/2012] Future Asymmetric Threat

Threats such as cyber-attacks, intellectual property theft, insertion of counterfeit goods into critical supply chains, and terrorism are forcing seemingly disparate public and private sectors to intersect in ways never before imagined.

[03/2012] The Future of Complex Conflict

How are innovation and emerging developments across various sectors changing what conflict means in the world of tomorrow?

[06/2010] Are we prepared for 21st Century Warfare?

Leaders involved in or directly managing critical defense organizations must dedicate time for thinking outside of the box in order to anticipate, prepare and defeat the enemy’s next steps.

[01/2009] Repositioning Government for the Future

Leaders need a strategy — and a plan for tangible execution — to deliver on the promise of a meaningful and positive transformation within government. Without these, government will not meet the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

[09/2008] Creating Adaptive Organizations

What are the vital attributes of an adaptive organization? How do you make your organization more adaptive to the challenges and opportunities of the knowledge age?

[09/2008] Preparing Government for the Future

What will the future of government look like, and how can it be improved?

[07/2008] Protecting our Space Capabilities: Securing the Future

A forum of commercial, military, and other government leaders to examine where our space systems are headed, dangers they will face in the future, and what we must do to sustain and protect our space capabilities over the next 15-20 years.

[04/2008] Federal Foresight: Addressing What’s Over the Horizon

It’s no longer enough for any of us—but especially for government—to react to the challenges that emerge from this accelerating pace of change as they arise. Government must anticipate these challenges and understand how looking ahead can mitigate their impact.

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