Future Shock Forum 2016With a legacy of understanding Future ShocksTM, the fundamental shifts that reshape society and economies over time, Toffler Associates engages senior leaders from diverse industries to collaboratively share and discuss perspectives on complex, future-oriented challenges. Through this dialogue, participants gain deeper insights into what is driving key issues and discover if today’s decisions and actions will ensure the desired organization relevancy and value in the future.

The day and a half long invitation-only event is full of interactive and stimulating debate about topical challenges facing leaders today. The 2016 event will probe such issues as: the changing dynamics between corporate and government responsibility and resulting power shifts that may occur; leadership’s responsibilities regarding the growing role of machines and AI in organizations; and what constitutes a critical infrastructure in the new global economy and how to effectively secure it.

Inspired by the groundbreaking work of our founders that identified many significant future trends, Future Shock Forum assembles prominent senior leaders and challenges them to be forward-thinking as they build and grow agile and innovative organizations in a demanding global economy. Using methods originally developed by the Tofflers and cultivated for two decades, the forum encourages participants to step away from their pressure packed schedules to thoughtfully consider the future they’re building for their organizations and how it will impact society.