Future Shock Forum 2018

Future_Shock_Forum_Logo_2018.png Today’s leaders have a responsibility to make decisions that reflect an informed understanding of the future and how that future will impact their business, their people and those they serve. And as part of understanding the future, it’s critical to recognize the role of Future ShocksTM, the fundamental shifts that reshape society and economies over time.

Our annual invitation-only Future Shock Forum brings together senior executives from a variety of industries for thought-provoking conversations about the challenges on the horizon and the potential risks and opportunities they present to their organizations and society at large.

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Future States Dinners

The accelerating pace of change in today’s business environment often drives executives to focus primarily on internal or industry-related challenges, putting long-term strategic thinking, innovation and relationship building at risk.

To balance this, we host regular Future States Dinners, or intimate gatherings that explore the future state of business and allow senior executives an opportunity to consider the strategic issues confronting business and government leaders across the globe. Participants are free to consider new paradigms and pose probing questions that challenge each other’s thinking. The dynamic discussions that result often serve as the foundation for position papers designed to advance thinking on a variety of topics.

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Industry Events

Toffler Associates EventsToffler Associates participates in a variety of industry conferences, seminars and tradeshows throughout the year. Check back here to see where you can find us next.


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