Embracing Disruptive Technology

Organizations that succeed in the future will be those that embrace the art and science of disruptive technology. The long history of global technology has proven that, where imagination leads, inventors and philosophers will follow. A disruptive technology can be thought of as a rapidly evolving set of innovations in any market that has potentially broad economic and social impacts.

With the accelerating pace of technology innovation and application, organizations that thrive will be those that anticipate the legal, societal, and regulatory impacts of new technologies as much as they identify ways to incorporate them into their business models.  As organizations struggle to incorporate new technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, blockchain, and the Internet of Things, they must also understand the impact these technologies are having on their workforce, their customers, and their markets.

  • How are you scanning the horizon to understand those technologies that will emerge three to five years in the future?
  • How will those emerging technologies will impact your business? Your markets? Your consumers?
  • What steps can you take today to prepare your organization to capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate the risks that disruptive technologies will present?

Stop worrying disruptive technology and start taking steps to understand, plan for, and adapt your organization to take control. Let our team of experts help you position for success.  

"Toffler Associates is an energetic and innovative company that is capable of quickly grasping complex issues. Their hard work and forward thinking attitude resulted in us being able to evolve our capabilities and processes that leveraged and integrated with existing organizational capability for future benefit to our organization. The Toffler team often had to address technically complicated and politically contentious issues from various stakeholders to ensure matters were effectively resolved and our strategic objectives were met."

- Senior Military Officer, US Department of Defense


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