Convergence will be on sale May 11, 2020 and will be distributed internationally everywhere books are sold.


Technology, Business, and the Human-Centric Future

In 1999, Alvin Toffler tapped Deborah Westphal as one of the founding members of his consulting firm, Toffler Associates. From 2007 through 2018, she served in the role as the CEO, providing consult to government agencies and Fortune 100 companies on virtually every continent. Since 2018, she has contributed her experience and knowledge as a member of the board. 


In 2021, Deborah released Convergence: Technology, Business, and the Human-centric Future, a book that is sure to join the pantheon of the Tofflers’ best-selling publications. Like these predecessors, Convergence is a clarion call for a future-focus. By shining a spotlight on examples of how business and technology are intersecting, Deborah profiles the historic inflection point that is reshaping how we think about the future. 


The book explores how and why business, technology, and humanity are intersecting, and considers what decisions we must make. Deborah calls leaders to make a choice —  remain committed to profits above all else or shift to a human-centric approach that embraces the convergence. 


Not only is Convergence poised to become one of the influential books of our time, it reflects the Tofflers’ thinking about the future, humanity, technology, and knowledge in our modern context. Through stories and entreaties, the book offers leaders the capacity and motivation to examine at their place in the changing global ecosystem and to advance a genuinely human-centric future — because that is the future of business, technology, and our shared global society.