Toffler Associates is a future-focused strategic advisory firm. We provide frameworks and guidance that enables organizations to build resilience and thrive in a world where change continues to accelerate.

What do we do?
We call our methodology Future Proof® consulting. It’s a stimulating, yet structured process of guiding our clients to understand, plan, and adapt their organization to manage their needs today as they are building strategies to realize a better future. Every engagement is collaborative and adaptive. We roll up our sleeves, interview experts, research, and perform wargaming exercises to construct alternate futures that result in concrete, actionable recommendations.

Ultimately, this multifaceted, cross-discipline approach is why some of the world’s most influential organizations rely on Toffler Associates to take them forward.

We hold ourselves accountable for creating a better future for our clients, our company and ourselves.

Our four values are at the center of all our business decisions, daily behavior, and our culture. Speak truth to power. Be a curious, lifelong learner. Engage in diverse thought. Commit to connection.

What can you do?
Every day offers new challenges and chances to learn and to gain respect and credibility as a trusted advisor. You might advise a government agency or consult with a global commercial enterprise. One day you could be part of a team helping an organization understand how to position its workforce to adopt and collaborate with advances in artificial intelligence technologies. Another day could find you crafting a white paper on a geopolitical power shift. Either way, you will build expertise around disruptions, critical issues, and opportunities.

Helping clients understand, plan, and adapt to the future is not easy. Progress might come slowly, but the journey is rewarding.

Join us.
You might already have a proven track record of achievement in the military, scientific laboratory, or courtroom. Or you might be at the start of your professional journey. Where you are in your career matters less than how you fit with our culture and values.

Toffler people have an appetite for learning, are committed to engaging diverse perspectives, and thoughtful in sharing a viewpoint. If this sounds like you, we welcome you to consider joining us in tackling the complex shifts that are shaping our world.

We invite you to submit your resume and cover letter.

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Leadership today and in the future is not about fear; it’s about setting a vision, mentoring, coaching, and building a team.

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