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The old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

We want our clients to know where they are going and what steps they will take to get there. We begin with the premise that change generally does not happen in orderly sequences, and is characterized by discontinuities. We seek to understand the broader principles that underlie transformation. That knowledge enables us to pre-adapt and plan in rational and useful ways. Understanding these principles and appreciating the impact of discontinuities makes it possible to envision future environments and gain useful insights into a broad range of mega-markets, customers, and customer needs.

Sometimes that means transforming the way a company does business or how a business is structured. Sometimes that means identifying the real core mission of a company fighting a disruptive technology. Xerox, Kodak, the music industry, the postal service, Yellow Pages, and newspapers everywhere, to name just a few, have confronted disruptive challenges with varying degrees of success. We want our clients to become adept at recognizing new threats early and responding to them successfully.

We also want to help our clients see opportunities in their changing environment and position themselves to take full advantage of those opportunities. Our worldwide collaboration network can provide new perspectives for emerging possibilities.

Always, we counsel our clients to start the process today. Waiting is not an option for successful companies. The complexity and speed of today’s world will not reward companies that patiently wait for opportunities to appear.

With our disciplined approach, we help you identify your company’s challenges, discover its core strengths, envision its possible futures, capitalize on new opportunities, and create a roadmap for reaching new goals.

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