Organizational Transformation Services

    One of the cores of our business is building resilient, agile, and high-functioning teams. Often building those teams necessitates complete organizational transformation, requiring our clients to act with courage and vision. They recognize that being ready for the future may involve shaking up the present – starting now.

    Our goal is to help our clients respond to new challenges efficiently by developing new organizational structures, work processes, and culture. Change on this scale is often threatening, so we encourage our clients to pay particular attention to the people in their businesses. We provide proven methods to include disparate voices, reach consensus, and move forward with both purpose and sensitivity.

    When a privately-held government services business hired Toffler Associates, our task was to provide strategic counsel to guide this largely unfocused services provider through a vast and necessary organizational change. Here are the strategies we used:

    • Examined both internal and external factors
    • Developed and defined a future-focused vision
    • Helped leaders zero in on clear area of focus
    • Provided a road map for achieving vision
    • Identified an optimal organizational alignment
    • Executed a multi-stage plan to execute vision
    This is the Organizational Structure of the Future Read More

    By creating a tight-knit organization, businesses have the opportunity to build the strength necessary to meet the challenges of the future.

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