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    As innovation consultants, Toffler Associates thrives on new ideas, and we use new ideas to spur innovation in our client’s organizations. Innovations don’t happen in a vacuum. We have developed a worldwide network of collaborators who give us insights into some of the leading thought in a variety of industries. We share these insights with our clients, knowing that an idea in one industry may translate into a new perspective in another.

    We employ orthogonal thinking - bringing seemingly disparate ideas in from a variety of spheres – to make new connections and spur innovation in our own methods and in our clients’ responses to change. We compete in a world that is changing faster than ever, and none of us has the luxury of “business as usual.” Our connections make it possible for our clients to have those “ah-ha” moments that can propel them into a brighter, more prosperous future.


    "Toffler Associates is an energetic and innovative company that is capable of quickly grasping complex issues. Their hard work and forward thinking attitude resulted in us being able to evolve our capabilities and processes that leveraged and integrated with existing organizational capability for future benefit to our organization. The Toffler team often had to address technically complicated and politically contentious issues from various stakeholders to ensure matters were effectively resolved and our strategic objectives were met."

    - Senior Military Officer, US Department of Defense
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