Competitive Simulation is a strategic decision making tool to explore possibilities and secure resilience, growth and agility in a fast-changing world.


    Working with uncertainty is uncomfortable. Not doing anything about is dangerous.

    As the pace of change continues to accelerate in every sector and industry around the world, leaders must act decisively and confidently to succeed in today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive global landscape.  Making hard decisions in this environment is difficult at best.  At worst, the complex dynamics of change lead to ‘decision paralysis’ where inaction stifles the agility and speed-of-action necessary to remain competitive and relevant.  We work with visionary leaders across the private and public sector who want to Understand, Plan, and Adapt in a world characterized by disruptive change and uncertainty.  One of the most successful ways we help business and government executives do that is through our proven wargaming methodology. 


    Members of Toffler Associates have designed, run, and played in more than 250 table-top exercises and business wargames.



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    Understanding why and how the world is changing is the first step in preparing your organization for the future.

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